A Treat for the Freaks
Too cute.  The Pokemon tattoo tag is my happy place.

Too cute.  The Pokemon tattoo tag is my happy place.

Baby Galapagos Tortoises at Durrell Wildlife Park in Jersey.  They were only four years old and will grow to be bigger than me! :3

So yes, I’m back from my visit home and it couldn’t have gone better.  Was actually a bit sad to be leaving rather than desperate to get back to London!

Ste met my parents and equally as importantly my tattooist, who all loved him, as does everyone because he’s amazing.  We were allowed to borrow my Dad’s car and Ste drove us round everywhere.  Went to all my favourite places and ate lots of delicious food.  The opening day for Bond Street Tattoo Studio was great fun, as we were asked to take part in their live window display where Ste flaired and I posed before I received the first tattoo done in the shop.  So photos of my neck and new head tattoo will follow when they’re healed.  I usually choose not to post close ups of my tattoos, but you’ll be able to partially see them in my makeup photos anyway.  We also went to the War Tunnels and learned about the Nazi occupation before going to see some of the remains of fortifications built by slaves in WWII.  The bays and beaches were a welcome change and we got to pet Galapagos Tortoises at Durrell Wildlide Park.  Plus just getting to spend a whole week together was lovely.

So now Ste’s gone to visit his family for a couple of days and I’m here in London being all love sick until he gets back for the weekend.

We’re going to the Illamasqua Distinction in Make Up Artistry Awards on Saturday, so please say hi if you see us there.  And our room is near perfect so a room tour video is on the cards pretty soon.

Everything is awesome :)




Since shaving my head I feel more beautiful than ever <3


truly a landmark moment in the history of the selfie

This isn't really a question but girl you're amazing! :) i think i have a crush on you!! ^^ haha! You are soooo beautifull! <3

Very flattered to be your girl crush *^_^*

Are you a space princess? You look fabulous.

Yes, yes I am.  And thanks :D

You look so cute with your bald head! <3

Thanks!  I really like it ^^

You are so beautiful and talented! You're an inspiration for anyone with individual to shine and be themselves. Thank you for being awesome <3

Thank you so much :3

Getting my neck tattooed at Bond Street Tattoo Studio in Jersey, Channel Islands.  More photos once it’s healed.  Although you can probably guess what it is ;D

Flying to Jersey (not New Jersey) tomorrow.  Going to show Ste where I grew up and all my favourite places.  We’re both getting tattooed at Skin Deep, which has moved and changed their name to Bond Street Tattoo.  They’ve postponed the opening so that I can be there for it.  So exciting!  And I timed my visit to coincide with my friend Krysty’s birthday party, which is Disney themed fancy dress.  I’m going as a character from Beauty and the Beast, but probably not the one you’re imagining.  Have lots planned and am actually looking forward to it this time.  So I won’t be on here for at least a week!  Lots of photos to follow on my return ^____^ <3

I love that you never do the same make up twice, it's so amazingly great! ^_^

Thanks!  I don’t see the point in going to this much trouble to just repeat looks.  It’s the constant experimenting that’s developed my ability ^^

So, I finally dared to shave my head and it´s awesome! Love it!

Yay!! :D

With or without hair you never cease to look awesome 👽

Thank you.  As much as I’ve loved all my hairstyles, I think having one less thing to look at makes the rest of my look pop more.  I’m in no rush to start growing it back :)