A Treat for the Freaks

When your boyfriend ruins the eyelashes you’re wearing with cum -_-

Do you have any tips for doing slime makeup? You're really good at it!

I will do a tutorial but I have a lot going on in real life right now so I don’t have the time.  All good, by the way ^^

Do you ever wear the same outfit twice?

No.  The same as my makeup is always different.  Even if it’s just a subtle change.  I feel boring doing the same thing twice and luckily my style is very mix and match -able :)

How do you get your eyeshadow colors to really pop out as vibrant as they are? I would love to wear more vibrant colors but when I put on eyeshadow it looks very dull and lousy! Lol

Maybe they look brighter because I use white all around my eyes first as a highlight.  I don’t do anything special other than that.  Try highly pigmented shadows like Sugarpill ^^

I love your white chocker with the pentagram. Where did you get it :D

The choker is from Cyberdog and I put the pentagram on it ^^

ur so unique and very pretty.... :D

Thank you :3

have you or would you consider nude modeling? x

Mayyy have done the occasional fleshy shot.  But just implied or topless.  I find it liberating, however it’s not something I consider doing without good reason x

Why are you so creepy? You are the reason I have nightmares.

Again, after careful consideration I am taking this as a compliment.

Hi I, tho I don't dress as fun as you, you inspire me to dress more boldly. And I was wondering where do you wear your outfits out to?

That’s awesome!  I wear them to work, meeting friends, going shopping, to gigs, nights out, events or whatever I’m up to.  I dress up because I enjoy it so it doesn’t really matter what it’s for.  Although I don’t bother if I’m not doing anything either ^^

Alright so I just discovered you about an hour ago and I just have to say, you look really cool.

Thanks :)

You and your boyfriend are so cute! How did you guys meet?

Is it ok to agree?  Yes we are!  He messaged me on Facebook, ha ha.  We had mutual friends and he saw me comment on something.  Then we were long distance for a few months and now we live together :3

I just found your tumblr by searching for 'mermaid hair' . You are amazing! Your style is totally inspiring! Lots of Love ,

Thank you so much :D

Everyday is Halloween~~

can you post a pic without makeup in your face? just a challenge

This isn’t a challenge, it’s an insult.  I’m a makeup artist and you’re demanding to see something that is irrelevant and personal and you are not entitled to.  Plus this is in my FAQ to save me receiving dumb crap.  I posted a photo with no makeup earlier this week.  Go find it yourself.  Just a challenge.

You look crazy

After careful consideration, I’m taking this as a compliment.