A Treat for the Freaks
I'm having trouble with finding a purple lipstick that I like, most ones don't seem purple enough for me. Is there one you'd recommend?

This is the best one I’ve found so far.  It appears quite frequently in my tagged/me.  Did have a beautiful one by MAC but they discontinued it *wipes away tear*.  All the others I find too light or too warm.

Hi! I'm moving to London in a few weeks, and I have no idea where to go for a good alternative night out. What good alt/metal/industrial pubs/clubs/nights are in London? :)

For metal you have the Electric Ballroom on Friday nights although that’s very hit and miss.  A good starting place before that is The Hobgoblin (which everyone knows as The Dev) or The World’s End.  There’s also The Intrepid Fox but I haven’t been since it moved to Archway.  Then there’s Big Red in Holloway and my new local is The Unicorn.  Crobar is more of a drunken end-of-the-night type of place.  I’ve heard of Garlic And Shots but have yet to go.  For industrial there is Slimelight on Saturday nights.  There’s a night called Inferno again at Electric Ballroom at irregular intervals.  But the best one is Club AntiChrist which recently moved to Electrowerks.  And an abundance of gigs.  Best of luck on your move!

Hey! So, let's say someone (me) was interested in getting into KMFDM, was kind of unsure as where to start because of their EXTREMELY large and vast discography. Where would you recommend they (I) start? :)

And they keep churning them out!  My top five are Xtort, Tohuvabohu, Symbols, Attak and Hau Ruck.  Once you’ve got your head around them it’s a blessing.  There’s nothing worse than discovering an amazing band only to find they did one album and broke up never to be heard from again.

Hi! I spoke to you in Cyberdog today and it was lovely to meet you! ♪ I'm sorry I was so nervous but it was great and thanks for being so inspiring :)

I’m equally sorry that I do not know how to act in this situation, ha ha.  But I just thought it was very sweet.  Thank you :3

I love how you're so confident with everything you wear and do. I'm not even confident enough to wear shorts or makeup and you're makeup is fucking amazing ;-:

Fake it until you can handle it!

You're so adorable you look like you should be a superhero in a colorful cartoon omg <3

Ha ha, I would love that :)

Do you get a lot of acne from your makeup?

You can see my skin is pretty clear under my makeup.  It used to be problematic until I got a personalised skin care regime from my friend and cosmetic scientist Synthetic Doll <3

Since when does makeup give you wrinkles anyway?!

It doesn’t.  In fact my foundation has SPF in it which is anti aging ^^

For those wondering what my next hairstyle will be…

Your face will be so fucing wrinkley when ya 30 cuz of all that make up. youll be more ugly without it.

This is too funny because I am 27, wrinkle free and you obviously think I’m a lot younger, ha ha ;D

I do like the white stripe across your nose, but to me it is very much reminiscent of Adam Ant. Not that I am saying that is a bad think, I love Adam Ant. And I think your stripe is pretty cute due to its size

This isn’t a connection I would have made, ha ha.  My previous statement still stands >_<

I love the little white strip you add to your nose, it looks so cute!

Thank you.  Although many of my makeup ideas are original, this is the first one I can really say is all my own <3

Been so busy packing that I’ve only dressed up once this week!  So please enjoy my look for judging the Alternative Model of the Year auditions.

Been so busy packing that I’ve only dressed up once this week!  So please enjoy my look for judging the Alternative Model of the Year auditions.

may I ask where you buy your "cyber gothic" type clothing from? Or any places you recommend? ^ ^

Cyberdog!  Other than that I find alternative brands to look cheap and cliche.  I prefer things from the high street, charity shops and eBay with a bit of customisation and some good styling ^^

I'm not going to lie, I just recently found your blog and I'm amazed by you're makeup. It's so beautiful and it honestly boost my confidence :) keep on doing what you're doing! <3

Thanks :)